Why Amazon Alexa Devices? Smart Alexa Devices

Why Amazon Alexa Devices

Amazon Alexa is one the trendiest techs these days. We are seeing a lot of TV ads and getting tons of information about what an Amazon Alexa powered device can do. So what exactly is Amazon Alexa? Let us learn about it.

It’s a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service developed by Amazon.com, Inc itself. It can power a device to be operated through the human voice; it means a user can command in voice and get the output in voice. Amazon Echo, for example, is an Alexa powered device. When you ask it as “Alexa, Play ‘Today’s Hits’ on Pandora’, then it will find today’s hit-list of music on Pandora and play it for you.

Alexa is a cloud based system and, that’s why it’s always up-to-date. It’s updated automatically. It also learns from users; the more you talk to Alexa, the more it adapts to personal preferences, vocabulary, and speech patterns. Amazon provides Alexa with the Echo lines of devices and other Alexa Devices Support

The e-commerce giant has already introduced a wide range of Alexa-powered devices branded as Echo in the market. We have seen some pretty interesting uses of Alexa, such as playing music, reading the news, placing an order, booking a taxi or telling a joke – this all happens just by asking an Amazon device to do so.

But these devices are not limited to entertainment, get information or place order online only. There is a wide range of Amazon devices available for home automation and businesses purposes.

Provided by Amazon, we have a wide range of Alexa-enabled devices to control a variety of home-automation applications, such as lightings, electricity-outlets, thermostats, door-looks, camera, TV and a lot more.  

Amazon also provides several other Alexa Echo-powered home-appliances and gadgets, like vacuum cleaners, smock detectors, washing machines, laser printers, shades, ceiling fans, etc. Amazon features brands like Caseta by Lutron, Filtrete, First Alert, Honeywell, Hunter, Kasa Smart by TP-LINK, LIFX, Philips Hue, Ring, Schlage, Sengled, Sonos, and Wemo.

But Why Amazon Alexa Devices?

It’s the core question of this post. Why we use Alexa devices. Do we really need a virtual assistant like Alexa?

Let me put the answer first. Yes, we need Amazon Alexa, particularly if we want to make our life simpler, keep things in our control and, of course, make several gadgets, devices, and gadgets operable wireless just through our voice like Ironman’s Jarvis does. Isn’t it exciting? And above all, we need Amazon Alexa to experience how the future computing technology would look like.

As it’s been said, the future belongs to Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Amazon’s Alexa and Echo devices are some basic yet the most important building blocks of that AI-powered future.  

By launching Alexa and Alexa-powered devices in the market, Amazon has also joined Apple, Google, Samsung, and several other companies, which are aiming to make the living of us all more convenient and controlled.

Also, there are endless possibilities when Alexa devices are merged with the concept of IoT. These devices can let us economically apply the IoT at home in orders to automate various applications.

Alexa has made it possible to apply IoT to home or living space at economical costs. There are hundreds of devices which can be interacted with Alexa.

Imagine you reach at home where your Alexa-connected door-lock indentifies you as the owner and opens up the door for you. You come inside your home and say ‘Alexa, turn on the lights’ and, the lights are turned on. You feel that the temperature is a bit uncomfortable and, you say ‘Alexa, set the living room to 72 degrees’. Alexa sets it as you want. You get a feeling that there is someone outside at your door and say “Alexa, show me the front door”. Alexa shows you the front door’s view in its screen. Well, he is the regular currier guy delivering you a parcel.

You say ‘Alexa, start my workout routine’ and, then your treadmill is powered to work and, your workout music turns on. But then you feel your naughty dog is in the kitchen and, you say ‘Alexa, show me the kitchen’ and, you see that it’s him. Never mind.

You are outside the home and get a feeling that a home with lights off may be the most wanted spot of thieves. You get your mobile connected to Alexa to turn on the lights to let your home pretend that you are inside the home.  

And now you are into the bed and say ‘Alexa turns of the lights’ and the voice assistance does that in an instant.  

Alex for businesses

For now, most of the Alexa devices are targeted to consumer segment only, but Alexa, as a cloud based virtual assistant software, has already captured the attention of several businesses.  Alexa can be used in a variety of business applications, such as for:

  • Setting reminders: One of the most common features of Alex is that it can set reminder just by listening to a voice command. Businesses can use this feature to set up reminders of office-events and deadlines.
  • Note-keeping: Imaging keeping audio notes of all those points discussed in morning stand-ups. Writing down them all requires a lot of efforts and, there are 50-50 changes that you would miss something important. Alexa can help in keeping the notes in the format of audio.
  • We can use Alexa to set alerts to take immediate actions, such as when a lead is created by a customer or when a customer on your SaaS system needs an assistant.  
  • Alexa can be integrated with the calendar to remind you your upcoming events so that meetings can be scheduled at the right time.
  • Alexa can help you order things and do better vendor management just by your voice commands. Interestingly, it will not at all be a casual way because even by voice, everything can be recorded in the system.


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