What to Look For When Buying Home Theater Projector

Before we start building our home theatre projector, make sure to do ample research and get an expert to give technical advice. Read for more information on justinrange about projector under $100/ $200? $300 etc.

First, we will look at the brightness of the lumen:

The brightness of the projector is calculated by ANSI lumens. Projectors for home usage starts as 1000 lumens to 2500 lumens. The amount of lumens is the determining factor on how many lumens the projector requires. Normal rooms will require more brightness, therefore more lumens while home theatres do not need much light, so you will need fewer lumens.

It’s time to test your knowledge on lumen!

Next, we need to look at the range of zoom and the shifting of the lens.

We need to see what type of environment we are looking at, as a short projector are to be used in a small room, while a theatre room will use a long lens projector. The distance of the projector lens will determine the size of the image and the quality of the image that you will be projecting on the wall or screen.

Aspect Ratio

This is the shape of the image projected and it is determined by the source of the video. Most HDMI is 16:9 ratio. It depends on the quality of the main source of the video to produce the best quality of the end product. IF a VGA video is turned to a 16:9 ratio, you will lose image quality.


You need to get a low-resolution projector if you are going to project low-resolution work. Don’t expect 4k HD projector to project Full HD resolution videos if the source of the video is not 4K video. If your input is 800×600, don’t expect it to be full HD when you project the image on the screen. Download 4k HD videos if you want to project it on the white wall.

Contrast Ratio

The higher the ratio of contrast, the more colourful the picture will look. The quality of the picture is determined by the ratio of the contrast, but there are other factors as well.

The Right Technology

The majority of projectors in the shop now are LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). They create better quality image projectors and are more reliable, but you can get LCOS projectors if you want and they produce the best quality there is but the price is higher and it is heavy and bulky.


Projectors mostly have a VGA port, but if you are using it for gaming, you will need HDMI ports! Some projectors come with a Wi-Fi connection, but it comes with a price. If you need Wi-Fi, you will need to buy a modern projector with this functionality. But if it doesn’t, grab an Ethernet port to connect to your internet. An online projector works far better.

Screen Quality

Buy a screen that is portable along with a tripod so that you can bring it everywhere. If you want to project on a fixed area, buy a unique projector screen paint to paint on the wall so that you will be able to use it for your projection.

The Output Sound

For built-in theatres, you must connect the projector directly to the sound system. You need to set up your own desired systems. It will be a good thing to survey first and ask for information on Quora or Yahoo Answers to get feedback as well as information on which is the best speaker set to acquire for your home theatre set. You can also as the shopkeepers to give you more feedback. Then again, we need to survey the price as well.

Next, we will be looking at our needs in the home theatre thing.

First, is this for entertainment? Or perhaps we are using it for business?

If we are using it for business, we will be projecting solely still images as well as Powerpoint slides. This means that if you are looking at a business projector, get out of here and google under business projectors. We are concentrating on entertainment projectors. A home theatre projector is handling a full motion movie video or perhaps playing PS4 and XBOX 360 on it would be fine as well. Make sure you know whether you need a projector for home use or business use. Don’t mix it up.

Furthermore, is this going to be for outdoor use or indoor use? If you are going to film outdoors, you need an all-rounder projector.  You need higher quality ambient light, a higher contrast ratio as well as higher brightness. You need a good screen surface and a suitable sound system. You need a better projector if you are projecting outdoors. An indoor projector will produce icky noises when it is functioning and rolling out your movie, but try not to fuss over it, because apart from that it’s fine. An outdoor projector will work fine inside the house as well as does not produce so much irritating noises.


The projector that you get must be able to be used for long term. The longer the lamp life of the bulb, the longer it will last. The replacement bulb costs is also an issue, as well as the costs of the other projector parts. Always get a rough idea of how much the parts will be before purchasing a projector model. As I mentioned, survey and read reviews.


If you are using a home theatre projector, you don’t have to worry about its mobility. If you are using if for business purposes, make sure that it is portable. Can’t you bring a heavy one with you for a business trip right?


You can pick up a smaller projector with lower cost for your office presentations, but you must be ready to invest a higher cost for a projector at home as you want to watch movies in full HD right?? A good one will easily cost 10k. So make sure that you think wisely before making a purchase.

Thanks for reading my article! Hope you enjoyed it! Thumbs up!

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