What A Woman Should Wear While Travelling In India?

What to Wear in India

India is a beautiful country which offers a plethora of historical sites, places, colors, cultures, traditions and more. That’s why, Indian tourism industry is booming each day. If you also love travelling and planning to visit India soon but, have no idea on what to pack or wear during your stay in India, we are here with our guide to let you know what you should carry and woman should wear while travelling in India. All these things would help you travel the Indian places including temples, Gurudwaras, dargahs and more without any restrictions and at the same time, it would allow you to enjoy to the maximum without damaging your skin or hairs.

Loose fitting clothing

If you have planned to see the true colors of India, let us tell you tell you have to visit the rural areas too. In the rural areas of India, you should try to skip tight fitting clothing that can reveal your shape. It’s good to drench in local colors of India during your stay and hence, you can pick designer women ethnic kurtis or ethnic tops. Along with this you can also wear jeans with a good loose-fitting top or palazzo with indo western kurti. This would not just help you in coping up with the social things of India, it would also help you to cope with the weather of India and stay cool.

Colors to choose in Clothing

Choosing color for clothing in India is the most difficult thing as the weather is generally hot which suggest you to pick lighter colors but, the places and paths in India are often rickety that can soil the clothing. So, what needs to be done in such a case? The simple idea is to choose the color of your clothing based on the place you are going to visit on the day. If you think that how you would be able to carry Indian outfits, there are multiple ways to carry them elegantly and look sexy.

A scarf/Shawl is must

A scarf Shawl is must

Though, it is not mandatory to have a scarf or shawl in your bag while travelling to India but, it is often advisable. It would help you protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. it would help you to get some privacy in certain manners and it would be helpful for you when you intend to visit temples and Gurudwaras in India. Besides this, it would be good enough to add a style quotient in your outfit as there are various ways to wear scarf and shawls that could be find through any online video.



We have already mentioned earlier that the weather is often hot in India and that means, your skin can tan a lot. For this reason, sunblock is a must as it will protect your skin from tanning.


We all know that hot weather is not an ideal condition to wear makeup. For this reason, try to avoid heavy makeup and choose only mandate things. You can opt for liner, mascara and little bit of lip color. Any which ways, the makeup is going to melt away as soon as you start sweating because of the hot weather conditions.


Choosing footwear for travelling India is not at all tricky. The only thing you have to consider is your laziness level as visiting certain places in India especially temples, mosques and Gurudwaras would need you to open your footwear. If you have no trouble in opening it again and again, choose anything you want but, if you are lazy, try to find something that could be easily opened.

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