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Walmart Credit Card Reviews

Are you setting up a new business? Walmart Credit Card gives you great benefits if you purchase from it. Many people think of starting a music and movie shop in their neighborhood to facilitate others. So, you will need lots of equipment for this purpose and if you have Walmart Credit Card then this will be too easy.

Daily discounts:

The very first thing you want to purchase for your store is the CD, DVD players, head phones and other electronic devices and this purchase is not one or two but in dozens. So,Walmart Credit Card gives you 3% off on your purchasing. The money you will save can be invested in other expenditures.

Very first purchase:

A discount of $25 is given when you purchase from your Walmart Credit Card. It is not a big amount but with this extra money you can buy fancy cushions for the lounge area in your store.

Special rewards:

Whenever you buy from Walmart Credit Card, various rewards are added to your point score. The feeling of getting something extra is a real sweet treat. Even cash back is given to you.

Nationwide access:

Say if you have purchased your equipment from a New York but you have to go to your Granny’s house in Florida but you need to purchase more for your store. Walmart Credit Card gives you the option of buying items even in Florida.

No Annual Fee:

Walmart Credit Card does not charge annual fee on your card. This card is free of cost. This will save you lots of time as time is money.

Manage the Account well:

When you are making purchases for your music and movie store, it becomes difficult to track down everything. ButWalmart Credit Card helps you in better management of account.

Paying the bill easy:

The purchases you made is not for free. You have to make payments of the bills. Walmart Credit Card gives you the choice of paying bills through online or at a Walmart store.

Keep a check of the transactions:

Walmart Credit Card helps you in keeping track of your account and purchases. You can easily check the payment, delivery and other important information.

Quick Transfer of Money:

Walmart Credit Card is reliable, fast and offers low price money transfer on daily bases. Themoney is transfer across the US and around 200 other countries.

Walmart to Walmart:

Walmart Credit Card holders can transfer amount to other Walmart Credit Card holders. This will help you in paying your bills or you can even withdraw cash from any ATM.

Walmart to the World:

MoneyGram is the official money transfer partner of Walmart Credit Card. One can send or receive money from over 200 countries.

Purchasing Gas at discounted rate:

Walmart Credit Card is good for those days when you are travelling in search of different decorative items for your store. You stop at a Walmart gas station and purchase gas, a 2% saving is done.

Free Home Delivery:

You have purchased lots of heavy equipment form Walmart Credit Card and you are worried that the company will take home delivery charges. But nothe purchased items are delivered to you free of cost.

No installation Charges:

Sometimes you want those products that are difficult to install. With your Walmart Credit Cardthe workers came and install your item wherever you want with no extra charges.

Assistance to Special People:

Senior citizens who are Walmart Credit Card holder have the privilege of picking up their product outside the stores. They don’t have to go into the store, they can park at the parking lot, enter a code provided by Walmart in the teller machine, and assistance will come with your product.

Get a Walmart Credit Card:

In order to get these benefits you need to first have Walmart Credit Card. It is very easy. You need to make a Walmart Credit Card. Next, Login to your Walmart account, click on apply for Walmart Credit Card. Fill in the required details and submit the application.

When you have received your Walmart Credit Card, you need to activate it. Go to the activation page and activate your Walmart Credit Card. After that you are free to use your Walmart Credit Card anywhere and at any time.

You can get your Walmart Credit Card through online application; apply through phone, mail and by visiting anyWalmart store.

General views of people about Walmart Credit Card:

There are lots of benefits that Walmart Credit Cardhas but many don’t feel the same way.

They don’t give actual rewards to you the 3% discount is available on all stores.

People have paid their payments in full but still cards are being cancelled.

Walmart Credit Card holder purchased an item, but when he got back to the site the same product’s price was higher than before.

Many people think that the customer care service is the worst. No one knows anything about the account of the customer. It is like a clean slate.

A customer complained that someone else had used his card in another state as he was still at home, so the 0% fraud is a no go.

Some customers complained that they wanted to make two transactions in one day but they were not allowed to do so.

Despite all these bad comments and reviews, people still think thatWalmart Credit Card is the best. Walmart Credit Card has improved a lot of people’s credit scores. People have no problem paying their bill or managing their accounts.

The main reason for these contrasting reviews is that; the people who pay their bills on time and with minimum amount, they don’t have any difficulty, whereas, all other complainers skip their payment due date and payment due.

Nevertheless, whatever complains or good reviews are posted, the popularity of Walmart Credit Cardis still on the top. Whether you want to purchase CD and DVD shelves or furniture for the sitting area in your store, Walmart Credit Card will always serve you more than you expect.

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