Trending Traditional Punjabi Outfits For Men’s Ethnic Wear

Trending Traditional Punjabi Outfits For Men's Ethnic Wear

Punjab is a colorful state of India. Clothing of the Punjab is different to other states. Most of the people like to wear traditional dresses. These dresses have comfort and beauty feature. You can find Punjabi dress culture in the rural areas mostly. Person of every age will be wearing traditional dresses. However, Punjabi dress like Punjabi jutti and Pajama Kurta are trending in Punjab cities as well. Most of the Punjabi singers can be seen in the Punjabi dress in their video songs.

Traditional Punjabi Dress for men

The Punjabi Pagg Pagdi or Turban

A Punjabi man wears the turban on the head. It is the unique identity of a Punjabi person worldwide.  A Punjabi man whether he is living in any country of the world. He doesn’t hesitate to wear the turban as it is a symbol of their religion and to give respect to their Gurus. Traditional Punjabis keep beard and mustache and don’t cut it or shave it. Punjabi religious don’t allow Punjabis to cut their beard and mustache. But in the modern time some people are not following this custom. They are shaving and cutting their beard. This is very common in the cities. However in the rural areas maximum persons follow their custom of having beard and mustache.

People wear matching turban with the dresses either it is western dress or traditional dress. Turbans are available in many colors and people keep maximum of colors of turban to match it with their dresses.

Kurta Payjama

Kurta payjama is a traditional dress of Punjab and it is very popular in the other states as well. People of older age like to wear of other state because of comfort. While, in the Punjab people of every age wear kurta payjama because it’s a part of their tradition. Kurta is like a shirt and payjama is like a trouser. Payjama is loose in the top part and narrow in the bottom part. It is very comfort dress in any weather. White and black colors are very popular of this dress.

Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi Jutti is the traditional Punjabi shoe which is made of leather. This is a handicraft item. This is one of the popular handmade items in India. Different colors and styles are available of Punjabi Jutti for mens in the market. Black and brown are most common and most used colors of Punjabi Jutti. Patiala is the major city of pujabi shoe makers. Hundreds of shops are there who sell Punjabi jutti of different styles and colors.

Anyone can purchase punajbi jutti online through various ecommerce sites. is one of the most popular website to buy Punjabi jutti online. It is having a big collection of traditional and trending mens Punjabi jutti.

If we talk about Punjabi traditional dresses, these three items are perfect combination.  


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