Top 5 Study Hacks to Excel Your Exams

Top 5 Study Hacks to Excel Your Exams

By collectively utilising the following top 5 study hacks, you will earn your ticket to acing your examinations!


Before jumping into how this can be achieved, let’s clarify what we mean by “learning gaps”. The mistakes you make as a student in your homework, tests or class assignments are usually due to misconceptions, improper understanding of a topic, being unable to recall content or being unable to coherently express your answer. Identifying these mistakes and understanding why they have occurred is the first and the most crucial step in bridging your learning gaps. This is in fact the most difficult step for you to take and at this initial stage, you have to approach your school teachers or tuition teachers to go through your mistakes with you.

Make a summary of all the mistakes you make and this will ensure that you conscientiously avoid making them in your following assignments. To tackle misconceptions, sit with your tuition teacher or school tutors to go through the process of unlearning and relearning to eradicate confusions in your mind. Though this may seem like an exhausting process, at the end of it, you would realise that you have won half the battle.

A trick to find out if you have understood a concept is to give someone a brief summary of it in your own words. If you struggle to link key sub-concepts within the larger topic and give reasonings, it is a clear indication of your lack of understanding. This is when you should avoid panicking and seek immediate help from your tuition or school teachers.


Yes, this seems like a boring task but this is one strategy that you can adopt to finetune your brain for your examinations. Ideally this plan should be done a month prior to the examinations. For example, if your exams take place over the month of July, start your planning in May. Print out a calendar for the month of June and for each day in that calendar, write out what you would be doing for that day. Remember to be detailed in your planning, for example, instead of writing “Revise Biology topic: haemostasis”, include details as to how that revision would take place (drawing out a summary, writing out essays, etc.

An important thing to remember is that this planning you create is the ideal system that your revision would follow. However, let’s be practical and admit that you may not be a 100% accurate in sticking to your revision plan due to different circumstances on different days. Your job however, is to follow your plan as closely as you can and your ultimate aim is to successfully revise all that you have to do so before the examinations, without leaving anything behind.

Do not be too hard on yourself but remain disciplined in accomplishing what you have set out for!


Students have a common opinion that reading beyond their syllabus is a waste of time and in fact one does not have the luxury of time for that. It is important to understand that reading beyond your syllabus, which means reading articles, write ups done by journalists or even books related to your learning will widen your scope of thinking. Given that examinations do not just test on what is within your textbook and novel situations are presented for you to think out of the box based on your conceptual understandings, a wider scope of thinking is necessary for you.

To master the English language especially, reading is the best way you can do so. You would pick up general content to utilise in argumentative essays, you would learn lots of vocabulary words and would understand how to use them appropriately in sentences, and also learn phrases and creative writing techniques that will enhance your writing, pushing it up to another level. For students who wish to excel their essays, reading news articles presented by mainstream media, like BBC and CNN is a good start. Progressing further, it would be great if you can read the opinion laden articles well-written by journalists in The Economist. Don’t forget to form your own opinions instead of blindly absorbing the opinions provided by authors on various issues!


While many of you might spend hours passively reading and re-reading your notes, or highlighting your textbooks, studies have proven this to be ineffective. Neither does it help you understand the topics nor does it help you link concepts in your mind. This is even more detrimental as your attention might be drawn to less important information. Using flashcards however is an excellent memory reinforcement technique. Flashcards are portable and can be brought with you along when you have to go out; which means in a car or bus ride you can use the time effectively to catch up on the subject content that you struggle to remember.

An integral part of learning is intaking information, playing with it on your own (express it in your “language”) which helps you understand in the best way possible. This will build your own unique, strong neural pathways which will be different from your peers.


Research shows that study sessions are most effective in small, short chunks. Instead of compelling yourself to sit for several hours in a row to cram in information into your head, study smartly by breaking the hours down into 30-minute sessions with breaks in between for rest. The science behind this is that your brain is better at encoding information into the synapses into short repeated sessions.

Excelling in your examinations requires effort and resilience; and don’t forget that you have all it takes to accomplish anything, no matter how herculean a task is! Also, ensure that you take care of your health too, prior to the examinations so that you can give your best effort!

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