Top 5 Great Places to Go Camping In New York

Top 5 Great Places to Go Camping In New York

New York City most certainly has its own charm in the summer.But no one will possibly chide you for trying to escape the sweltering heat for far more peaceful surroundings.

You are well aware that it does not take long for an otherwise idyllic sort of snowfall in the city of New York to turn the whole area into an insipid gray and slushy mess. Furthermore, if you already live in within the environs of the city and apart from that, also crave some a more refreshing environment, then there are no two ways about it. You will just simply have to ‘escape’ from the crowded island, if only for a few days, at most.

Winter camping in New York also allows the city’s jaded dwellers and residents to willfully embrace the overwhelming beauty of the season. This means being at one in a place where a snowstorm means acres upon acres of unblemishedand pristinewhite, instead of mere puddles of well…Yuck.

Luckily, there are many camping options either near NYC or in its immediate environs. And for kids who have not known what life is like in the great outdoors, there are quite a fewgreen spaces for them, to both explore and commune withMother Nature.

Apart from children’s parks, there are many picture perfect sitessuitable for youths and adults alike. And in terms of activities available onyour camping trip, there is something for everyone. From the erstwhile experienced wilderness professional all the way to those hardy souls who love a life on the rugged frontier, there are fun activities for all.

In fact, there are plenty of things to do outside, irrespective of the fact that you want to go rough it in the ‘wet and wild’ outdoors or just go for a quick day trip, only.

So just get ready to unroll that stored away sleeping bag for your upcoming camping season. Whether you have opted for the well-earned creature comfort of an RVor you want to enjoy the rustic but simple charm of that little-hidden cabin in the woods – it’s time to have fun. And if you want to rough it out in a tent, there are several campgrounds and outdoor recreational places that will give you the best experience, regardless of the season, in upstate New York.

From parks to public lakeside properties, you are just simply bound to find something that will invigorate you once you decide that you want to go camping in New York.

Remember that camping upstate (or anywhere else for that matter) can be both dirty and difficult, especially for people who have no prior experience in ‘roughing’ it.  This is why the activity needs to be planned especially the equipment, including a 4×4 SUV or Jeep. Not having one can make that well expected overnight trip to the great outdoors, a huge challenge for many familiesliving in New York, who only use sedans to commute from work.

But it does not always have to be this way at all. As a matter of fact, there are several campgrounds suitably well located in the Tri-state area that areconsidered the perfect place for first timers and families with small kids in tow.

Let us check them out:

Find yourselfa comfortable lean-to in the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks, are now justifiably famousas a key part of the awesome Appalachian Trail (one of the longest if not ‘the’longest hiking trail in the world). They are home to some truly fantasticmidwinter camping groundslocated around New York. Many campers from yesteryears have built quite a few “Lean-To’s (rustic three-walled structures) scattered all across this vast mountain range. And the good news is that quite a few of them are still around, just waiting for the camper/s to come and claim them as their own.

These rudimentary camping buildings are only available on a‘first come first serve only, soalways have your camping must-haves handy, just in case.

The Glimmerglass State Park

The appropriately named “Glimmerglass State Park” is conveniently located just 8 miles or so outside of Cooperstown. The partially wooded, and near endlessly rolling terrain is that ‘oh so perfect’ spot for you to set up your camp and just enjoy your natural surroundings. The flora and the fauna of the placehave to be seen to be experienced. There is a huge variety of wildlife, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns,and mosses throughout the year. Just walking down the hiking trails of this place is roughly synonymous to heading out in the wilderness of Narnia. And if you do it this summer, you can have a lot of fun, taking a dip in the invigorating waters of OtsegoLake.

The ‘Promised land’ state park

The somewhat euphemistically named ‘promised land’ park is a wonderland stretching for all of 3,000 acres in Pennsylvania. This park is open all the year around, and it is only about two hours’ drive away from New York City. It is possible to stay in a rugged cabin in the ‘Bear Wallow’ park area, or for that matter, pitch a tent at the very many open campsites around the main park, itself.

The Green Lakes State Park

This highly picturesque state park consists of two glacial lakes.  Once you have pitched your tent, you can then head right up to the lakeshore for some fishing and swimming in waters, as clear as crystal. It is conveniently located, in fact hardly 15 minutes away from Syracuse. The Green Lakes State Park is certainly a beautiful place to spend that weekend in the woods so that you could get away from it all.

Mystic Koa campground, CT

This camping ground is located round about an approximatelythree-hour drive from New York, and it is a good option for many families looking to for an escape fromthe perenniallystuffy city, this winter. The facilities at this ground can be enjoyed not just in mid-winter but also in summer. They include spaces for pitching your own tent, all the way to deluxe cabins. Thanks to its rustic setting and modern facilities,Mystic KOA is a highly convenient and very comfortable option for most of your winter camping needs.


Be it summer or winter, there are very many parks scattered within a few hours’ drive from the city of New York and the hardy travelercan easily spend a weekend camping, to charge his batteries, before hitting the next workweek.


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