Services That Every Reliable Call Center Service Provider Must Have

Services That Every Reliable Call Center Service Provider Must Have

When you foray into an industry with your business, you get to know that it’s not that easy to reach the zenith of success. In order to surpass the competitors, a company needs to be really innovative and creative in its approach. High cognizance and team effort are required. They say there’s a woman behind every successful man, similarly, behind the accomplishments of every company, there are the unshakeable dedication and effort of its employees.

Indeed, human resource, if aided with proper technology and equipment, can take the company to a great height. However, if the in-house manpower is diverged and made to do tasks like handling customer support services that don’t do justice to its skills and job profile, the company is surely going to suffer.  

So, to eliminate this sort of occurrence in the business premises, wise company owners resort to outsourcing the work to a call center service provider. But doing so and sitting back stress-free won’t guarantee the proper execution of the customer support services.

Also, how would you know how reliant the call center you have hired is? The best and most basic way to analyze this is to look at the processes it gives you the option to outsource. An ideal call center service provider must have-

Outbound call center service

In this call center provision, the conversation is initiated from the agent’s end. They make calls to the potential customers that are also known as leads and pitch them about the product, discount, and company with the help of a script. The services that a reliant call center must have under this category are as follows-

Lead generation

This process is the first step in the outbound call center process. The agents generate leads through large databases and use the sheet to make calls. The main aim of this step is to identify the potential customers and persuade them to buy the product or service.

Fixing appointments

If the outbound calls are being made for acquiring business clients, appointments are fixed for meeting at a time which suits both the parties.  This is known as fixing appointments.

Information Validation

This step involves the validation or the correctness, meaningfulness of the data input by the user. This function is performed using a software or by making a call to the user for confirming the details he/she has filled.


This is a form of marketing in which targets are being and are to be accomplished by using a telephone. This is a technique used for promotion, to increase brand awareness and also the sales.

Third-party verification

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, the call center service provider should also have the required software to check the authenticity of the documents provided by the customers, business clients, and the employees.

Cross-selling and up-selling

This technique increases the profits of a customer by persuading them to buy a complementary product with the product they are already buying or by asking them to buy a product that can help reap the benefit of the product they have already bought even more.

Inbound call center service

This service involves answering the call that the customers make using a toll-free number.  The array of services it includes are-

Helpdesk services

This service is confined to resolving the technical issues faced by the users as they cannot be handled by the customer care agents.

Product information

In this, the call center service agents inform the caller about the product and explain all the specifications of it.

Inquiry handling

The prime task of every call center agent is to handle inquiries. The call center agents are trained and provided the scripts so that they can handle calls proficiently.

Technical support

The technical issues related to software, hardware- for instance, troubleshooting problems, installation problems, and other malfunctions are handled by this team.

Web-enabled services

The third type of services is related to the web. The operations it includes are-

Order processing

In this, the order is being managed through the web. The customer details, applicable offers are being shown. This is the first step in SCM.  

Billing and audit maintenance

The transaction slips and invoices are maintained in the database. This is to avoid confusion related to the payment.

Email campaigns

Emails are being sent to the customers. They are given baits in the form of discounts, credits etc.

Chat support service

This option is present on the website to help the customers during their purchase and navigation when they are on the website of the company.

BPO services

This is the best way to save money for any company while increasing the productivity. The agents are hired to perform the various task. Some of these are as follows-

  •    Product promotion
  •    Market research
  •    Debt collection


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