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Norton Antivirus Support

Norton Antivirus is one of the most lovable ant viruses in the world because Norton having best sell and service support that can convert a small product in a big brand. If you are not a Norton user and you want to become Norton user and use services and features then you will have to buy Norton antivirus from retail shop or online, You can use trial version of this antivirus which is available on official website of Norton but it is valid only for 30days then after you will need to go for paid service, If you will love your computer then it will definitely magnetize you to purchase it because the past 30 days experienced was very graceful.

After buying Norton antivirus you will have to check few things because these things not necessary for the trial period which had been used by you but these things very important for paid version because paid version having extra features and the product key required while you are going to activate Norton antivirus. If you will very well know how to activate antivirus on your computer that will fine, If you will not aware about it then we will teach you in this article you will get to know activation procedure which is having few simple steps. Before starting this process you need to keep your retail card if you bought it from a retail store or check your email Id in which you will get activation serial key, it is required at the time of activation Norton antivirus

How to activate Norton antivirus?

Norton Antivirus Activation

Norton antivirus offers total internet security from high viral attacks. It will secure your computer laptop or desktop from malware and Trojans which will affect your computer or stealing your important data and also sluggish your computer that’s because Norton antivirus activation required. Activation lets you use antivirus on your computer and it will take few minutes to complete.

* Insert Disc on C.D slot and wait for while it will run on your computer screen

*After Running the C.D Download Norton antivirus application on your system on the desktop

* Completion of  Download  double click on “NORTON ICON”  and get access to it

* You will get the option activate after access on Norton icon, then click on activate

* After Clicking activate it will ask you to the product code, The product code which one I am talking about, it is 25digits serial key which behind the CD case or you will get an email of it, enter this product code and click on “NEXT”

* Then enter your registration email address and password, If you are not registered, then click on register now create email id and password your personal detail or your physical address.

* After registration fills your detail and then click on next button.

* Now go through Terms and Condition of software and click on activation done.

If you are facing some error issue and other technical problem then you can call technician they will help you to activate Norton antivirus with their online guidance if it will not work then they will take your system remote access and activate your product key.

Norton support

After activation support, part is also playing a special role like during your subscription any further assistance required then our well-certified technician team will help you resolve the issue. Basically, Norton technical support required few circumstances like installation and uninstallation issue, virus removal service, Error message issue, software troubleshooting issue and antivirus renewal issues. An antivirus playing a critical role in your system because it will protect your computer from threats and trojans attacks.

Here some Error code which creates difficulties for you and we will tell you how to handle them.

Error code-1844

While You are running Norton antivirus you might get error code 1844 which means that there is some installation problem with your device or security software. you can fix the error code or call customer support they will help you remove this error code. Few errors which come through the 1844-error message and how to deal with it.

* When 1844 error message comes, the active programme window might crash.

* If error code-1844, it might be crashed your computer device while running the same programme.

* Window start running slowly

* Your computer will “freeze” for few second due to error message-1844


* Repair registry entry which comes in error message 1844

* Delete junk files from your computer

* Use window system update feature and “undo” recent system changes

* you can use scanning of viruses

* update your window

* Uninstall and reinstall Norton programme

Virtual Memory is too low

It is one of the common issue found on the Windows system, this is due to insufficient storge of  RAM or few applications occupy lots of memory space in that case you need to buy some more chips of RAM but if you think you don’t need to require more space or enough space to work then increase the size of page file, it can be very easy step just follow our guideline, Firstly go to “control panel” of your system and then click on system security then you have to click on “Advance system settings”, inside the performance pane you will find out setting and click on it the size of your page file should be 1.5 to 2 times your RAM memory

Browser Error

While using the internet or surfing the website some error code appear likes 4XX or 5XX error code it means you are not able to see this website but I want to tell you these are not your browser’s issue most of the pages get 404 error code which means page not found it means your server is pinged.

For more technical support and assistance you can call at 1800-998-4538 our technician will help to resolve your problem with online help as I earlier mention in the article as well as our team also resolve the concern of Norton antivirus Update, Install Norton Card, Norton Virus Scan, Norton Live Safe, Norton Total Protection, Etc.

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