How to Get PR in Australia

How to get PR in Australia

Australian immigrants who hold migrant or permanent resident visas and can stay and work in Australia forever are permanent residents of Australia. While migrants are not citizens, they have the option to become citizens after fulfilling the need of residence. By Australia-Family, Employment, Refugees or Humanitarian status, there are many ways to come to Australia. If you meet the requirements and point score for an efficient visa, then your independently (189 visas) or skilled sponsored (190 visas) gets activated quickly. This type of visa can be processed in 6-8 months. If you are nominated by a regional area or a relative who lives in some areas of Australia (489 Visas) then you also take the step on the PR route.

Australia has the choice of migration as contrary to other countries, with a strong economy and high levels of quality of life and balanced lifestyle supported by beautiful landscaping. People go to Australia to get a better life. Before doing so, you need to apply for a permanent residence (PR) visa to give live, work and study rights without limits in Australia.

Steps to Australian permanent residence

Discover the right visa for you

More than 40 Australian Migrant visas are there that enables you to work and live in Australia Permanently. Here’s had a look at some famous migrant visa options:

Family-based permanent residence

The person may be qualified to come to Australia if they have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident family member.  The migrant visas accessible are:

  • Fiancé(e)s
  • Partners
  • Children
  • Dependent family member

Employment based Permanent Residency

There are several methods of Australian permanent residence through the worker or business category, which include:

  • General Skilled Migration: For those who are not nominated by Australian employers but have valuable skills in Australia
  • Employer Sponsored Workers: When an Australian employer sponsors a foreign national worker in Australia.
  • RSMS:  This visa is very famous among people employing outside main cities.

Other Pathways

If the above categories do not fit into your circumstances then there are other routes for permanent residence. Contact Adelaide, Migration Agent to explain your particular case and we can advise your best route.

Check whether you meet the visa requirements

When you’ve got the appropriate visa, see the requirements of applying. Migration can be long and costly, so you do not want to lodge for the advantages for which you are not qualified. You can check the eligibility criteria from DHA website; it draws eligibility requirements for all its migration types.

Apply for an Australian Overseas Visa

After getting the right visa and checking that you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can apply for it. The applications are available to download or apply online on the DHA website.

Most applications need to submit supportive papers and application fees.  Ensure your complete application is completed prior sending it.

Wait for an outcome

Regulated by the visa you apply and how DHA support application processing, you may have to wait certain weeks or months to make your mind up on your application.

Obtain your visa

When your application is approved, you will get your immigrant visa and can stay permanently and work in Australia. In some cases, you may be quickly qualifies for citizenship. Australian Overseas Visas are granted in a five year increase under renewal. Unless your visa is valid, you can come and leave in Australia.  Another advantage of PR involves:

  • right to work
  • Right to enroll for citizenship
  • Public Education right
  • The right to nominate relatives to come to Australia
  • The right to move freely without a visa between Australia and New Zealand

If you are on the path to permanent residence and need some assistance, contact registered migrant agent in Adelaide.

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