How to Create a Successful Shopify Business

When Shopify reported its 2017 numbers, we learned that the company brought in $673.3 million last year, a 73 percent increase over the year before. Additionally, the Merchant Solutions section of the business grew the most, increasing by 81 percent, although Subscription Solutions also had an impressive growth of 64 percent too.

This is great news for entrepreneurs who use or want to use this particular platform to bring in their own high-level profits. But what does it take to create a successful business on Shopify?

Build Your Audience First

Have you ever heard the phrase: if you build it, they will come? This gets a lot of entrepreneurs in trouble because they think that all they have to do is put a store online and, within minutes, they’ll start getting orders. Yet, that’s not quite how it works because your store is just one of many from which your customer can choose.

That being said, if you build your audience first, you have a better chance of being successful right out of the gate. You do this by sharing your story with anyone who will listen, getting others excited about your upcoming launch. Also, build relationships with influential people in your product area and use your social networks to get others to share your soon-to-be business with their family and friends.

Choose the Right Theme

When customers come to your eCommerce website, you want them to be wowed, right? One way to achieve this goal is to use the best Shopify theme for your particular brand. Ideally, the theme should be mobile-friendly as well, catering to all of your customers who choose to shop via their smartphone or other smaller devices.

A few of the themes most visually appealing and mobile responsive include Solo, Brooklyn, Supply, and New Standard. Though Minimal, Startup, Showcase, and Icon are great options too. Play around with them and see which one fits your eCommerce store (and products) best.

Use the Most Appealing Content and Images

If you’ve ever shopped online and come across a store with fuzzy product images and descriptions so short that you’re not quite sure whether the products will suit your needs, you’ve already experienced firsthand why appealing content and images are so important when creating a successful online store.

For this reason, post only high-quality images and share enough detail about the items you sell that the consumer can not only make a well-informed buying decision, but also falls in love with how easy you make the whole purchasing process.

Learn from Other Successful Shopify Stores

It’s often said that if you want to learn how to do something well, learn from someone who has already mastered that particular thing. So, if you’re still struggling with how to make your Shopify store an even greater success or simply want to make sure you have the best set-up possible, why not take a moment and study other successful Shopify stores?

Look at their sites and see how they’re designed. Check out what type of products they sell and the words and images they use to sell them. Go through them as if you were a customer and see how they work. What features do they have? What functions do they offer? The easier you make it for your customers to do business with you, the more likely it is that is what they’ll do.

Creating a successful Shopify business is possible and these four actions can help. That way, next year when this company reports its higher revenues, you’ll be reporting your own as well.

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