How the SEO Aspects of a Website will Increases The Traffic to Our Business?

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SEO is an aspect of science, specifically for the Information Retrieval. The search engines are doing an advanced form of Information Retrieval. The understanding of SEO and functionality will lead to a prosperous career and your business as well.  

      While the search engine has complex pieces of software, but it is made up of 3 distinct processes. Each process handles the different aspect of the web search and together provides the relevant results for a search query.  Those are,

•    Crawling: In this process, the web spider crawls on the web, retrieve the content and follows the link.  The robots.txt file can control the crawl process of a website. The search engine crawlers obey these directives for crawling the website.

•    Indexing:  It takes the content from the web spiders and analyses the link and the resulting link graph. It assigns relevance values for different keywords it finds in the content which will be used for ranking purpose.

•    Search Query Engine: It is the front end design of the Search Engine, where the search queries are processed, search intent and the results shown according to the ranking factors. When the user performs the query search, the Search Query Engine understand the intent and context of search, and it will retrieve the relevant documents from the index. Intent and Context are essential for query engine to present different types of results.

It can represented as,C:\Users\BALAMURUGAN\Desktop\SEO.jpg

      When you decide to hire a web design company to solve your problems, the company should bring your site to the next level and get the modern user experience which will improve your business and its revenue. So, always do the proper research and ask the right questions to examine the partner agency. If the website that you built seems to have the SEO features to be built in, there are at least 4 aspects to be built on,

1.    Meta Fields –

2.    On Page SEO

3.    Incoming Links

4.    Page Load Time and caching

       People who launch successful website have done their homework to achieve personal and professional goals. The better optimization of the website will bring more traffic in the short and long term. In digital marketing, the website that has no search exposure in search engine has a lot of drawbacks and challenges. So, implement as much SEO strategies as possible in your website. There is some pre-launch optimization for the website. Those are

1.    Create the Under Construction Page: You can able to skyrocket your launch when you develop an effective and impacting construction page. You can also integrate your social media page with construction page. With the use of strong CTA, you can prompt your visitor to like your page or send a message that way you can connect with prospects before you launch it. Also, you can add a short video that shows how your product/service work.

2.    Onsite and Off-site Optimization: Onsite optimization refers to the optimization of website and content, while the offsite deals that are outside your website(links, social signals, etc.).

On-Site Aspects are,

Keyword Research & OptimizationUse the keyword research and keyword planner tools to research the main keywords you wish to optimize your website and create a list of keyword for the future. Every time you write content and develop web pages, use the alteration of keywords to search engine understand the main topic of your website.

Title & Meta Description Optimization: The headline should contain no more than 60 characters and should be concise and relevant to the keyword. The meta description contains a maximum of 160 characters that helps the search engine understand what you want to achieve with it.

URL Optimization: Optimized URL will help you rank higher in the SERP’s.    Ensure that you are using the main keywords within your URL’s.

3.    General Optimization: Search engine brings new opportunities every year and optimize the user experience. Leverage to introduce specific tags to your HTML code so that the page will be better represented in the SERP. Optimizing a website for schema will improve website’s display in the SERP and also improve the rank. The review star next to your site’s search result will skyrocket your CTR.

Optimizing for the search engine Crawl allow the search engine spider to find your pages easily with relevance. The more optimized the page better the ranking on the web. Here are the best methods to optimize your website for the crawling,

1.    Analyse the Target Market: Analyse the set of keywords, code, text that will determine how well the content is positioned for the search engines. Next to analyze your competitor’s website. Examine the content keywords that will help you measure the search engine rankings and determine the effectiveness of search engine positioning strategy.  Once you have an idea of how your keywords are ranking, then you can use your upcoming content on your website and your page.  When you search for the keyword, try to relate to the customers and understand them from various angles as what the peoples are typing in the search engine.

2.    Define your Goals & objectives: It is essential to have clearly defined objectives before you apply for SEO plan. The objectives is to measure the ROI and the strategies will work to our favor etc., For instance, it could be to increase the baseline visitor to 40%  in the next 2-4 weeks from the top level to specific pages on your website. The goals and objectives improve the performance of the website and the sale of the product or service.

3.     Optimizing the Content: It is essential to create the page title that the specific keywords you are targeting. Include and optimize the Meta tags and image captions. If the search-finders identify your content on the web will increases the visibility and page rank of your website.

4.  Website Performance: One of the aspect of SEO is that your website opens quickly because search engine and internet users like the quickly opening website. Professional designer keeps the home page as light as possible and do all the design related tasks that make sure your home page opens fast.

Here are some essential elements & tasks to be included in your website that brings the result you want on your business,

1.    The intent of the Website: Make the intent and purpose of the website should clear at the moment the visitor lands on your website. Studies show that the person takes 3 seconds to decide if they like your website design. The design must grab the attention of the audience from the get-go, and if it doesn’t, you may lose the potential audience. Make sure your visitor knows the purpose by,

•    The keywords that work well in the market and your services and use them

•    Think “above the fold” content – This is the area of your web page that a visitors sees the important information without scrolling down.

•    Providing the introduction to your about page and what you can do for them

2.    Usability of Website: The easy to use website is the heart of every design decision. If you want the people to find the information they need on your website, you should create an user-friendly website. Good website design balance the form and function that make it easy for the user to intuitively know where to go and what is required to navigate. Remember that people come to your website to access the information, communicate with your brand or buy your products.

3.    Branding:  It encompasses your whole businesses from your business philosophies, products, and services to specifications like colors, themes and identity designs. It also extends your online presence and is one of the key elements in your website design. Fundamentally, it is the perception that your customers have when they hear about your business, your products and services.

4.    Image and Visuals: Images with real life or real people or candid shots that are relatable are great elements for the website to use. It is something that conveys the story or meaning of the website translates into high conversion for your website. Consumers want to connect with photographs and images that are relevant, high-quality and authentic to them. The trending visuals and images on the website are,

•    The grid layouts and Card design are great for responsive website design for a large amount of information

•    The moving backgrounds called cinematography and GIF can be a great addition to a website as it captures the attention immediately.

•    Immersive storytelling with brands using elements such as social media, imagery, videos, interactions, to sell their products. It also gets a user to interact with your brand and the visuals play a big role.

•    Authentic imagery – It connects with your audience and tell your story. It should fit the persona of users and form the connections with them.

•    Use of bolder colors actively attracts the attention of users. The brand moves from safer colors to bolder colors, particularly at start-ups.

5.    Call To Action: Call to action gives the focus to your website and enable to measure the success of website through business or offering. When adding the call to action, you should focus on the value your CTA provides to the users and should answer all the questions regarding the action you want them to take. So, use the compelling language like “grab the material” rather than click here or sign up etc.,

6.    Website Content: The only way to connect with your audience is through their emotions. You can do that by creating consistent, cohesive, clear branding strategy. Good website content makes you successful by delivering the right message to the user. All the other content elements like design and visuals play the secondary role that supports the message in your content.

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