Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Alexa Devices

one Alexa for all

The line of products in Alexa Amazon is just irresistible amazing and if you own an Alexa product you will not certainly agree to it as Alexa can do all beyond your imagination. A digital home assistant, it answers questions and performs tasks with ease and you do not even have to make a move.

The Amazon Echo is the leading the tech world with a storm — a voice-activated, internet-connected “smart speaker” with a built-in virtual assistant named Alexa that can answer your questions, follow your instructions and control your smart home devices like anything. It would not be wrong to say that “ Amazon Alexa is the modern ginie who is bound to fulfill all your wishes”. Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is infiltrating your life.

With the launch of various option in the Amazon Alexa Devices help nominally —the Tap, Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Look, Echo Show,  — you might find yourself talking to her more often.  Let’s get down to the basics. All of the Amazon Echo devices have a digital assistant named Alexa built in. All fit into a relatively new category of device called the smart speaker that the original Amazon Echo popularized back in 2014. Since all of Amazon’s Echo devices have Alexa built in, they have essentially the same core of features. You also use them all in essentially the same way: You talk to them. Say the wake word (which is “Alexa” by default,) and you can ask you smart speaker to play music, control your smart home, search the internet, set a reminder or even make a call. Alexa’s a very capable assistant, and Amazon regularly adds new Alexa features.

Amazon’s Echo lineup

There is one Alexa for all

one Alexa for all

Choose Amazon Tap…


  • Use it on th Go:  With the Tap, you can bring Alexa with you while you work without needing to find a plug.
  • Adaptable Bluetooth speaker. It’s not the best Bluetooth speaker for the price in terms of sound quality. But because of Alexa, the Tap’s functionality is in a different league than the competition.

Choose Echo Dot…

Alexa Echo Dot

  • Value for Money. You still get Alexa, and you save money over every other Echo device.
  • Satiate your love for music. All of the Amazon devices have great built-in sound quality.

Choose Echo Plus…

Alexa Echo Plus

  • Automatize  your home . The Zigbee antenna built into the Echo Plus will allow you to find smart light bulbs, locks and sensors to buy, without needing to worry about getting a separate hub.
  • You already have a smart home setup, but no longer want the hassle of a separate hub. The hub functionality is the biggest reason to consider the hub over the others.

Choose Echo Look…

Alexa Echo Look

Have your personal Fashion Advisor: Like the Echo Plus, this one’s pretty specialized, so you can easily skip it if its main feature doesn’t interest you.

Choose Amazon Echo

Alexa Echo

Superior Sound Quality: The 2017 Amazon Echo sounds much better than the Dot, which has sound quality comparable to your cell phone’s speakers. The Amazon Echo is the device for you if you want an Alexa speaker that sounds good on its own and can also plug into your speakers.

Chose Amazon Show :Alexa Show

It provides Video Display: Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video flash briefings, Amazon Video content, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, browse and listen to Audible audiobooks, and more.

Choose Echo Spot …

Alexa Echo Spot

Compressed version of Amazon Echo:  Echo Spot brings you everything you love about Alexa, in an all-new stylish and compact design that can show you things. Just ask to see the weather, get the news with a video flash briefing, set an alarm, see lyrics with Amazon Music, see your calendar, browse, and listen to Audible audiobooks, and more.

Customer Support – Alexa Devices

The customer support at Amazon is very competitive. It allows the customer to understand the gadget and make the best use of it. Alexa Devices Support has facilitated its users with easily resolve their query by simply login to the website and get the solution real-time without any hassle and delay from the end

To be precise, Amazon Support is sure shot solution to almost all the queries pertaining to the gadget.

Final thoughts

If you’re still overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Alexa is an awesome smart assistant, and you’ll get to take advantage of the digital assistant’s ever growing lineup of abilities regardless of which Echo device you pick. This is one of those fun choices for which there isn’t really a wrong answer. 


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