Apple Faces Customer Backlash for Making Illegal Profit from Battery Replacement Initiative

Apple Faces Customer Backlash for Making Illegal Profit from Battery Replacement Initiative

Back in December 2017, Apple had made an announcement that it was reducing the speed of iPhones to increase battery life.

The company had also issued an apology for not informing users on time. Also, to cover the negative backlash, it had promised to offer a discount or do free replacement of the batteries of iPhone 6 and upper iPhone models.

I still remember the words they had said that time:

We’re able to work only because of your faith and support. We’ll never forget that.

But now if reports are to be believed, Apple had broken the promises. Some users have made allegations that the company is cheating users and has been making customers to pay 10 times more money than what it had mentioned in the apology.

These customers claim that Apple has been pointing out small damages and prompting them to have them repaired before replacing the battery.

One such case is of Josh Landsburgh who had sent his iPhone to have the battery replaced in February. In response, Apple sent him an email pointing out a small dent on the edge and quoting a repairing cost of £200 before it will replace the battery.

Josh was so angry that he asked Apple to return the iPhone and had it repaired in a local shop, which meant that his warranty was nullified.

How frustrated Josh was after this, can be known by his statement given to BBC:

“They’re trying to regain trust but are coming back to you with ‘give us more money than you were planning to initially’ I believe this is completely shocking. They’ve made enough money, they’re Apple.”

Yet another customer facing the same issue is David Bowler.

His iPhone was working perfectly. There was no apparent damage but only a slight battery issue. So, he decided to have it replaced from Apple.

Within two days he got an email from the company stating that the microphone and speaker of the iPhone were faulty and fixing them will cost £250.

David was surprised as he was sure that both the parts were in perfect condition. As a result, he asked his phone back and took it to a mobile repair specialist.

On examining the mobile repair specialist found that there wasn’t any fault. Read his own words:

Obviously these things are working properly. They shouldn’t have said that.

He also replaced the battery without any issues, something Apple had refused to do earlier.

These two are not the only two incidents faced by users. The subreddit r/apple on is full of such complains.

So, what does all this mean? Is Apple breaking promises to make profit?

To understand it, you’ll need to understand the following statement on Apple’s repair website:

When it comes to iPhone battery replacement, if your iPhone has any damage that impairs the replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair.

The company offers 90-day warranty on any device it service. Although the perquisite is that all damages must be repaired before replacing the battery.

Perhaps, that’s the reason they’re having this bizarre condition.

We don’t really know.

Here’s what dispute resolution lawyer Matthew Purcell of Sanders Law has to say on the matter:

“I think consumers are getting annoyed because at a time when Apple should be rebuilding trust, it seems like they’re putting barriers in the way of people getting their phones repaired.”

In short, there’s a lot figure out. Still, one thing is evident. Customers are facing a lot of problem due to this and if they’re not resolved on time, things can get difficult for the iPhone maker.

So, Apple whatever you’ve to say about the matter, say it fast. Perhaps, you not get a chance to fix things later.

Anyway, what do you think of the incident? Let us know in comments. We’re excited to hear from you.

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