6 Cooking Appliances That Are Terrific For Vegetarian Food

6 Cooking Appliances That Are Terrific For Vegetarian Food

Cooking and eating well goes together.  Whether you are simply starting out on your journey towards weight loss or have been consuming healthy meals for years, cooking your own food is the ideal way to remain on track.

For some reason, the word “cooking” tend to scare those who are not into cooking or don’t know how to cook, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Attending culinary school and becoming a chef is not necessary to make healthy meals.  Everything you need is a couple of excellent kitchen appliances along with a healthy recipe to create a nutritious meal in minutes.

If you love cooking like me, then you might be a bit obsessed with obtaining kitchen appliances that can make your cooking life easier. On the bright side, as you read on, you will find out your kitchen essentials for preparing healthy meals without any difficulty.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

When I first heard about the Zojirushi, I laughed at it because of its price ($150), and asked myself how well does a rice cooker must be? But I tried it, and it was so great that I got myself hooked. I usually use my Zojirushi rice cook probably around 3-4 times weekly for all my quinoa and rice dishes.

What I love about this rice cooker is I can pre-program it to begin at any specific time or simply hit it an hour before dinner (2 hours for brown rice, and 1 hour for white rice).

This setup is great when you don’t know what you are making yet, It gives you time to decide whether you are going with stir-fried vegetables, beans, curry, lentils, crazylegs pest control and more.

The Zojirushi rice cooker also holds some special innovations that you can make porridge, bake a cake, and use various types of mixed rice whether white, brown or sweet (for dessert) rice recipes.


A lot of people love Vitamix, and I have wanted myself as I have always fancied fresh fruit, sorbets, smoothies, fruit ice creams as well as blended soups.

It is somewhat pricey, but when I first became serious about consuming vegan food, Vitamix was the first investment I executed and I have not looked back since.

The Vitamix blender is my most used device in my kitchen for the fact that it produces the best green smoothies and pureed sauces and soups and sauces. Besides, the motor is very durable so you truly get what you paid for.

Well, it is just not worth going for a new $100 blender every few weeks burning it out attempting to blend thick dips and frozen fruits, so the Vitamix has truly been an excellent investment for me especially, besides it saves much time in the kitchen.

EZ Bean Cooker

Pressure cookers are one of most favorite devices by a lot of people because they are fast, and allows you to cook nearly anything in them like beans, potatoes, beans, grains, vegetables broth, lentils, grains, and more.

Several people feel uncertain about pressure cookers thinking they are some kind of likely exploding kitchen device, but there is no need for you to fear.

Terrible pressure cookers are likely an old tale that could have simply happened with the old method of pressure cookers. The ones which these days create come in two types which are the stove top and the electrical plug-in method (similar to a rice cooker).

As for me, I favor the modern digital pressure cooker way and I got an EZ Bean Cooker. This pressure cooker is like the best pressure cooker as it is entirely preprogrammed for the different type of lentil or bean you would love to cook – which indicates no soaking time.

And yes! There is no need for overnight soaking, no need for taking most of the day just to cook beans. The beans will be finished between 30 and 70 minutes as a result of high-pressure cooking.

This method in itself is like an cooking in one of the top rated pressure cookers which is priceless as there is no more demand for canned beans because dried beans are a lot cheaper. Additionally, the EZ Bean Cooker also comes with a manual mode, allowing you to use it to prepare any other items you want, simply set the time to cook.

Breville Juicer

For a good reason, a juicer is possibly something that you may be interested in specifically if you love to make fresh juices or perhaps you like making Dr. Fuhrman fashion recipes.

He starts a lot of recipes off with celery juice along with a fresh carrot, and having a proper juicer is an effective way to acquire loads of nutrition from the vegetables you just can’t chew or the ones you just don’t want to eat.

I have this  Breville juicer and I truly love it because it is very easy to clean, plus, the cup it comes with certainly helps in scraping off the foam of the juice which is very handy.

Cuisinart Food Processor

To copy some recipes, you will, most of the time need a basic food processor. I love to use mine to instantly pulse nuts, shred root vegetables, make veggie burgers, slice zucchini rounds or cabbage, hummus, and black bean brownies.

If you are into making your own dips or perhaps fancy raw food recipes, then a food processor is surely a must-have item in your kitchen. Cuisinart Food Processor also functions well if you don’t own a high-powered blender and you must puree thick mixtures.

Ninja Cooking System

The device is an excellent slow cooker with a lot of whistles and bells. You can make food in it similar to a pot on the stove.

The Ninja Cooking System comes with a non-stick pan which indicates easy cleanup and you can brown and sauté any items you like before you activate the slow cooker setting.

Additionally, the Ninja Cooking System also comes with a tiny cake pan as well as a wire rack so you can roast or bake in it just like an oven. A lot of people using it for their chili recipes and slow cooked bean dishes and vegetable stews.


Healthy eating lifestyle is a must for everyone, but you might not fancy the recipe of others which can sometimes disappoint you in continuing with your great habit. If you truly want to live a healthy vegetable life along with the likings of the meals that you consume, then making your own food will be the best way to start it off.

Besides, it is you who know your body more than others which makes it a great start to finding out the healthy items you want to eat every day, and along with these excellent modern devices for vegetarians, then making special dishes will be easy.

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